DPJ-AT748_respor_F_20100222143757[1]on’t let dust fly and don’t dust with cotton cloths, which spread particles around on surfaces and sends them back into the air, says Debra Lynn Dadd, author of Home Safe Home (Tarcher/Penquin) and publisher of the green-cleaning website dld123.com. Not so with statically charged microfiber cloths – (available from this web site www.microfiber-products.com). They trap dust and “remove over 90% of dust mite allergen that accumulates on hard surfaces,” Dr. Sublett says. Besides cleaning cloths, microfiber dust mops, and mitts are also available. Air your dirty laundry – If you store a lot of linens that rarely make it out of the closet, stick them in a hot wash, Dr. Sublett says. Before you put them back in the closet, wipe down each shelf with a microfiber cloth.