Microfiber Digital Lens Cleaning Cloth

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p-28-lenscloth.jpgUse dry to dust, clean smudges and finger prints. Can be used damp with water or your choice of cleaner for very dirty areas, buff with dry cloth. Microfiber will not scratch surface but embedded dirt could. Suggest washing frequently. Wash and reuse hundreds of times. Works great on cameras, I phones, eyeglasses, jewelry, flat screens and photographs too! Care instructions: Machine or hand wash (do not use fabric softeners) with your choice of detergent. Use dryer or hang to dry.

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1 review for Microfiber Digital Lens Cleaning Cloth

  1. Tim Ledford Photographer

    As a travel shooter/photog, my gadget bag is always full of microfiber cloths and as I find myself always in different climates and crazy weather elements, I just love wrapping my expensive camera gear up with microfiber, it’s like tucking in a baby to bed. Microfiber-Products, Ltd has the very best quality!

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